Does he complete me? No, not really

I was attending a concert and the singer said she had never been in love.  She said that she never understood how someone could “complete me”?  As if you come into the picture as a cup half full and it’s up to the other person to fill your cup.

But that’s what we do.  We go into a marriage or a relationship expecting the other person to complete us.  But that’s an expectation that could never possibly be filled.  I mean have you truly thought about what that means?

How can another human being complete you?

How would they know what’s missing?

I think that sets us up for failure.  Because in our head we think we know how they complete us, but then we are constantly waiting for that void or lack to be filled to the rim of our cups and it never truly manifests.  We are never completely “full” of what that person has to offer.

If you are looking for someone to complete you, then you are probably not as ready of that relationship as you thought you were.

I would suggest doing a little more soul searching to find out exactly what you need to feel complete on your own.  Go into a relationship so full and complete that instead of expecting you end of complimenting one another.

It’s crazy how so many of these old wives tales are literally setting us up for failure.

And if you believe this is true, can you please explain to me how someone truly made you feel complete.

Talk to me!