Passing down toxic money blocks to our children

Sometimes it takes me a minute to recognize a block.  Especially when that block has to do with money!  Something most of us hold so near and dear to our hearts.

I teach my daughter the power of manifestations.  She is a techy like her father and my response is when you want more, you need to create more.  She’s an actress, so I tell her to see herself booking more jobs to generate the extra income that she needs to buy the things that she wants.

Well that’s exactly what she did!  She had her eyes set on buying a new iphone (rolls eyes).  I kept preaching the same message, and before I knew it she had booked a job that would pay enough for her purchase the phone.  Heavy sigh… Y’all I have been stalling and stalling because I did not want her to spend that much money on a dang phone!!!!  I have come up with every excuse in the book to not allow her to get the same phone that I have been telling her to manifest getting.

Today while meeting with my mastermind group, I realized that I was actually projecting my own personal money blocks on her.  It was coming from an unhealthy relationship with money and I didn’t even realize it until I spoke about it with my group.  I tend to hold on to money, never willingly to give it up in fear that I may not see a return on my investment or that I won’t make it back.  But I realized I was literally pushing and projecting my money blocks and fears onto my daughter.  My actions were saying, “hold on to your money just in case you don’t have opportunities to make it again.”

The minute I realized this was the case, I took her to get her phone.  I also explained to her what I was dealing with in regards to spending money.  It became a great teachable moment for the both of us.

Most of our beliefs have been passed down to us and we have to be aware when we are passing it down to our children.

We are still teaching her to save, manage her money, and make smart purchases.  And guess what, the minute she decided to make the purchase, she booked another gig.  She clearly doesn’t feel the need to hold onto money as if she can’t make anymore.  Looks like I will be taking some cues from her when it comes to money blocks!

Did I really go through it for you?

They say we go through things in order to help someone else?

For whatever reason, that “thing” is always something bad.

I use to say that I went through the loss of losing my son (stillborn) so that I could help others heal.  So that I could teach them how to grow from it?

But in all honesty, I’m still learning how to grow from it.  Each year on the day of my son’s birth, I feel differently.  Some years I don’t realize the date until it has passed.  Some years I’ve been very irritated and moody.  One year (7), I literally could not pick myself up off the floor.  It hit me like a train as if I had just lost him that day.

So how do I help someone when I don’t even really know how to help myself?  Would telling you about my unpredictable and out of control of emotions really help you cope with the loss of your child?

Or how about my first heartbreak, the ups and downs in my marriage, or the challenges of trying not to screw up parenting.

I think the only way I can truly help you is by being authentic and telling you that I don’t have all the answers when it comes to dealing with grief.  I can only tell you what works for me.  And what works for me is acceptance of however my mind, body, and soul responds in that moment.

My son’s birthday will be here in a few days and I’ll come back and tell you how it hit me this year.

I’m curious as to how you think your past experiences can help someone.

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