Don’t miss your moments to Inspire

This was one of those days…

I had literally been on the go ALL day long. From a morning biz meeting, to rushing my daughter to a fitting to be on set ALL day tomorrow, to dropping off a broken laptop UP 75 North (y’all already know traffic is insane) to back down 75 South (equally insane traffic these days) to the mall for a few hours in one store (Apple… never an in and out process) and then back UP 75 North at 5pm, in the middle of rush hour traffic (Jesus be a fence) to pick up my repaired laptop.

**insert screaming emojis because that’s how I felt on the inside**

I didn’t feel as productive as I would have liked, but it all made sense when I ended up pouring life into a college student in the repair shop. She was searching for answers and wanting a glimpse of hope that she was on the right path in life. Every event led up to that moment with her. She immediately bought the book on her kindle and as I was leaving I remembered I had copies in the car (thanks to the advice from my tribe). I blessed her with a copy and spoke words into her life when I signed it.

Sometimes the delays are set-ups so that we can be where we are supposed to be in the right moment. She was my ONE for the day.

Thank God I didn’t allow all of my inconveniences to make me miss a moment to be the light. That moment was more important than working on my course, the workbook, the retreats, the everything. It was more important than the traffic and the delays. 

Don’t miss your moments.

Slow down.

Be present.

Be at peace.

Your ONE needs you.